Uber Luxury Lifestyle Furniture brings Extravagant Furniture to Korea

Korea is witnessing an increasing demand for high end luxury lifestyle furniture. In order to cash in on the trend the retailers are lining up the best from around the world for their discerning consumers. The Shinsegae Department Store which is the third largest retailer in Korea has organized a display of high end furniture over the next week to give their customers the opportunity to sit on a cushy sofa, flipping through iPad just like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs did. And that’s the primary attraction of this exhibition cum sale.

The collection on display is called the Uber Luxury Lifestyle Furniture and features extravagant furniture used by celebrities, CEOs, and various industry moguls. You normally see them in photographs but this display gives the Korean consumers a chance to see, feel and own them. The exclusive items in the collection have been selected very carefully. One of the highlights of the collection is the black LC3 armchair by Cassina, the premier Italian furniture maker. It is an old classic design created by Le Corbusier in 1928. The made to order armchair comes with enameled steel frame.

Le Corbusier is considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture and the armchair carries his stamp. The Cassina sofa was made more famous by Steve Jobs as he had used the same model while launching Apple’s iPad last year. The Sofa has been priced in Korea at 10.6 million won which is equivalent to $9,520. Park So-hyun, a spokeswoman for Cassina said that the consumers are not allowed to sit on sofas in a shop but this display will give them an opportunity to actually sit on it and feel it before considering buying it. The highest priced item in the display is the Swedish Duxiana beds priced at $90,000.

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