Dyson Launches Dyson Hot, a Smarter, Safer and Faster Room Heater


Dyson has made a reputation for itself as a company that makes futuristic home appliances. Their designs have caught the attention of the consumers and have been appreciated for their performance. Keeping up with their reputation Dyson has launched a new product that any company can be proud of. Their portfolio of products gets a boost with the release of Dyson Hot which is a bladeless heater fan which has been developed based on their Air Multiplier technology. The new design is claimed to be very effective in heating up a room.

It is very simple to use and operate the appliance. All you have to do is set the temperature you want for your room and Dyson Hot will keep pumping hot air into the room till that temperature level is reached. When heating is not required Dyson Hot can be used as a normal fan. You can do that by setting the required temperature at the appropriate level. The manufacturer claims that Dyson Hot is capable of projecting heat further than any other similar appliance resulting in faster heating of a room.

The design of Dyson Hot not only gives it a futuristic look but makes it safer than traditional room heaters. The most important safety feature of the heater is that there are no exposed heating elements. There are no chances of burning yourself by accident and it is easy to clean. Another important safety feature is that it is designed to shut itself off automatically in case it tips over. This multipurpose appliance by Dyson carries a decent price tag like all their other products. Dyson Hot retails for $399.99.

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