The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Chess Set by Studio Anne Carlton Looks Chic

HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Chess Set by Studio Anne Carlton has been designed to create an amazing Royal milestone for this Christmas. The Studio Anne Carlton is a great place which is known for its luxurious and chic designs that take your breath away. HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Chess Set is handcrafted and is luxurious to the last bit of it. The chess set has been designed in association with St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and the pawns on the chess set come with hand painted figures including The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

The idea is to tell the world how beautiful it is to live as a Royal, and how luxurious it really is. We may claim to be the most luxurious people in the world but without a bit of Royal lineage in us, we cannot really become Royal. I am sure if someone sold their Royal titles, people would pay more money than anything else, for the titles are so important.

Meanwhile, if you are into chess and were looking for something luxurious, you could go ahead and get yourself the HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Chess Set designed by Studio Anne Carlton. This Christmas is definitely going to be different and I must say, in a good way. You could also take a look at the Silver Jubilee Chess Set, the other Chess Set that we featured and the Bentley Chess Set that I wrote about last night.

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