The $26,000 Cannoli is Complemented with a Diamond Necklace

Cannoli is an Italian dessert and foodies just love it where ever and whenever they can get it. Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr has not only created an elegant and exclusive cannoli but put it on display at Jasper’s Restaurant. It will be on display through the month of September. The one on display is not for human consumption but Mirabile’s restaurant can prepare a fresh cannoli for the buyer with 24 hour prior notice. Another exclusive aspect of this cannoli is that it comes as a package with an Italian diamond necklace and that’s why it has been priced at $26,010.

The exclusive cannoli has been prepared by baker Carey Iennaccaro of Sprinkled With Sugar, based in Overland Park. The cannoli has a base of rich dark chocolate. It has a rich filling that makes it delicious. Whipped ricotta cheese is first mixed with candied lemon, chocolate and lemon peel and then filled into the cannoli. Apart from the necklace, the other aspect that makes it the world’s most expensive dessert is its wrapping. The cannoli is wrapped with edible gold leaf.

The restaurant has put on display only the cannoli as their insurance company did not allow them to display the necklace without a secure glass case. The necklace is owned by jeweler Tom Tivol. This display of cannoli has raised the curiosity of the people about the dessert. The interesting thing is that the recipe of this dessert dates back to 9th century when Sicily was occupied by Arabs. Jasper Mirabile Jr. has been travelling around Sicily researching exclusive cannolies as he is writing a book about them.

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