The Sleepbox Is A Unique Urban Infrastructure Solution

Liveable pods are all the rage nowadays. Russian firm Arch Group has developed its own pod-like solution to urban infrastructure problems. The architects have created the Sleepbox, an aptly named rectangular box-like structure that offers travelers a short-term refuge, eliminating the need to scout around for nearby hotels.

The Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow is currently home to a Sleepbox unit. The unit houses two beds and is available for rent. Users can book it for as little as 30 minutes to several hours. The Sleepbox offers all the basic creature comforts you could expect from a livable pod unit. Apart from the two beds, the Sleepbox features LED reading lamps. If you need to work on your laptop or charge your mobile phone, there are sufficient electrical sockets for plugging in your devices.

The entire point of the Sleepbox is that it negates the need for hotels. The Sleepbox can be set up anywhere – in an airport, in a train station, at the bus depot, even at shopping centers. According to the folks at Arch Group, the Sleepbox can be installed outdoors as well, especially in places with warmer climates. The wonder of this is you need not constantly keep an eye on your luggage. Book yourself into a Sleepbox and you can grab some peaceful shut-eye for a couple of hours. Or finish off that important presentation maybe.

The unit at the Moscow airport is built out of ash-veneered MDF. However, the team at Arch Group is considering using alternative materials like metal or glass-reinforced plastic.

Via: Dezeen

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