Nocturn by Moonlight: Luxury Cushions for Nightclubs and Chic Homes

The moon they say is the most romantic thing in the world. Many poets, and writers and filmmakers have used the moon as a muse, and they have successfully done so. The moon has also captured human imagination for centuries and when they finally landed on the moon, they found that it was just a mass of dry land and sand. If you are still fond of moon, and like the star lit nights and the full moon skies, you can take a look at the Nocturn by Moonlight, which is a moon shaped cushion that glows as it turns dark.

The soft dim light is perfect for parties and clubs, and it could be sued by nightclubs and lounges if they could get a hold of wholesale stuff. It has been created by i3lab and M-Theory from South Korea is manufacturing it. It would cost $120 and is a great place to go ahead and get some beauty treatment done. It might just be one of the best places to go and get what you need. I would say, get these cushions, and feel the romance of a moonlit night right in the middle of your room, or your favourite bar. Bar and lounge owners would love to own these. They come in different colours too and they include Blue, pink, green, violet and olive.

I would so love to get one of these for myself, I might just end up buying one, if I could. You could also take a look at the Full Moon Mattress which is just as co0ol, if you asked me. So, go ahead and get this cool deal before doing anything else.





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