Levitatr: Helps Keyboards Raise from a State of Being Flaccid

iPad is probably one of the best gadgets around, but it lacks the physical keyboards most of us old-timers love. There is something about touchscreen that most of us older luxury-oriented people just can’t learn. Perhaps it is the new technology, or maybe our own cognitive deterioration that discredits our ability to learn new things.

Levitatr, the new iPad keyboard seemed like an advertisement to the ED drug Levitra. Of course, it does not raise the phallus, but does raise the keyboards. If you hated the fact that your keyboard suddenly switched on in your bag, and then runs all your battery to death, this is perhaps what you want. It will rise up only when required and in other times, stays flaccid. James Stumpf of ENTERAX, surely knows what it takes to please older folks like us. Levitatr is an aluminium Bluetooth keyboard and looks amazingly chic and is one of the best devices to work with.

I would say, you should really get a grip on the money that you spend and instead invest it on something like this, which would allow you to save your battery, use iPad, and also use iPad with a physical keyboard. It looks really good, and I might buy one for myself if I could. Go ahead, and get one for yourself, and I am sure you will love the experience. It in fact makes your iPad work like a laptop and when you are tired, you could use your iPap as a tablet. It is an amazing idea but you could also take a look at other articles that we have written like the Ergomotion Keyboard and the Air Keyboard.



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