Concord Neo Carbon Could Be the Most Expensive Pushchair

Concord Neo Carbon is an expensive pushchair that costs 2400 Pounds. Of course, that is a tad too much for your baby who wouldn’t understand the nitty-gritty of luxury world. However, the pushchair is meant to please you, not your baby. Thus, it comes with all the essential features of what a person would need like carbon frame, a chic design and a great price tag that you would be wowed over by.

Coleen Rooney, Natasha Kaplinsky, Rio Ferdinand, Zoe Ball, Kate Garroway have all used this for their own kids and is a favourite among celebrities. Right now, it is available only in black and gold, and the inners are made of amazing 18k gold, and other stuff that would impress you. I would say, if you have a baby and would like to show off how much you like your kid and how much you want to spend on your kid, you could get this.

Moreover, it is not so expensive also that you can’t afford it all. It is in the lower 4 digits and should be easily afforded by people who are like us. Well, that is one side of the story. The other side could be that many people might find this pushchair ostentatious and may look down upon you when you walk your child on this. Moreover, kidnappers could get attracted seeing the pushchair, and the next would be something that you would not want to imagine. You could also take a look at buggy, which is an expensive pushchair.

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