Wally//One Is A Compact And Affordable Luxury Yacht

Motor and sailing yacht builder Wally is known for its luxury yachts. Last week in Cannes, the watercraft manufacturer showcased its newest model, which is both compact and more affordable. Named Wally//One, the new yacht is designed as a more space-efficient version of an earlier model, the Wally//Tender. The 43-foot-long Wally//One is a small yet accommodating luxury yacht. It is ideal for daylong jaunts on the water, but great for overnight trips as well. Luca Bassani, Wally‘s founder and president described the boat as being “more economical” and “more maneuverable”.

The Wally//Tender has undergone quite a makeover here. The deck and cabin spaces have been overhauled completely. There are more luxury additions as well. Increased deck space at the forward and the aft ensures that guests have more area in which to move around. Carbon fiber seating ensures that the luxury yacht’s engine vibrations do not bother guests. However, Wally not only concentrated on the appearance but also on the performance of the Wally//One. The luxury yacht combines design with functionality. The deep vertical bow and the overall design ensures that a ride on the Wally//One is literally smooth sailing.

Fitted with twin 370-horsepower V8 turbo-powered by Yanmar, the Wally//One manages a top speed of 47 knots. Buyers could also consider two 315 horsepower V8 turbo-powered engines from Yanmar for their luxury boat. The 370 horsepower Wally//One costs €620,000, while the 315 horsepower version retails for €580,000.

The flagship boat was on display recently at the Festival de la Plaisance. The event was held in Cannes from 6-11 September 2011.

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