Billed As The Biggest Private Party Ever, The Global Party Begins On 15 September

We have heard of big parties and happening parties, private parties and parties that draw the top celebrities of the world. But even the biggest bashes of years gone by cannot compare to an upcoming event that goes by the name of “The Global Party“. The name says it all. This is not just another private party held at an upscale and hush-hush venue. Exclusivity is essential of course. Nobody wants the riff-raff to intrude while the superrich and the ultra-famous have the time of their lives. The difference lies not in the details but in the scale. The Global Party is the biggest private party ever. Big enough to spark conversations about whether it can make a new Guinness Record. Can it?

It certainly should be able to. The organizers believe that this could well become the “largest private party ever held”. They would not be overreaching either. With a guest list of more than 80,000 people (not just any people mind you, these guys are either superrich, famous or both), The Global Party will be held around the world at over 80 venues within a 24-hour period. This is huge! The biggest party of the year, perhaps even the millennium, is scheduled for 15-16 September 2011. And The Global Party has already begun making news.

The London Launch

On Thursday, 8 September, with a week left for D-day, the worldwide launch of The Global Party took place. The venue was a rather unusual one, however. One does not generally associate The Natural History Museum of London with a celebrity-studded private party. But this was the chosen venue and a big hit too. You see, the tagline of The Global Party is “Inspired by Phileas Fogg”. The more bookish among you might recognize Phileas Fogg as the main character in Jules Verne’s popular novel “Around The World In 80 Days”. That explains the fascination with the number “80”. The connection is important, for as the hours tick away, The Global Party will begin its journey around the world, not unlike Fogg’s fictional circumnavigation in Verne’s novel.

Seen in this context, the Natural History Museum was the perfect spot for the launch party. A hot air balloon manned the entrance, adding a dose of fun even before the guests entered the venue through the Earth Galleries section dressed in their best black tie outfits. Lord Fink, a London-based tycoon known for his philanthropic ways, and David Johnstone, founder of, were the hosts for the evening. Starting from 8pm, they welcomed nearly 2,000 guests that included the likes of Chelsy Davy, Katy Melua, Lily Cole, Blue, Eddi Kady and many others. Passpartout, the fictional French valet to Fogg in the novel, greeted guests at the entrance, alongside a Glee tribute band.

The tongue-in-cheek humor would not have been lost on anyone. But there was so much more. In one area, guests enjoyed classical melodies on the violin; in another, invitees grooved to DJ Isaac Ferry’s music. Unlimited Laurent-Pierre magnums and food stations serving cuisine from around the world were additional treats. Mikimoto displayed a priceless collection of jewels at the launch, providing company to “Designer of the Year” Jasper Gavida who had 80 models showcasing his latest collection. It was party time all night long at the Dinosaur section thanks to performances by Eddie Jordan and the Robbers and Bryan Ferry’s Roxy Music.

If this sets the tone for The Global Party, guests are in for an exciting treat indeed!

Highly Exclusive

Private parties by their very nature are exclusive events. Only a select clientele receive invites. The same principle holds for The Global Party. Sure, with 80,000-plus invitees on the guest list, it may be difficult to ensure quality control. However, given that the party will be held across numerous locations, it is expected that only a select few will receive the prestigious invites. Moreover, guests will be required to RSVP their attendance in advance if they are not keen on being turned away at the venue. I am certain the really high-profile invitees will not be subjected to such treatment. But everyone else had better play by the rules unless they are willing to miss out on the biggest party ever.

Guests will have to carry their Key-2 Luxury silver key ring to the venue entrance. That is their key to the party. It is also their key to thousands of personal contacts. Yes, this could be a key networking tool for corporate bigwigs, wannabe starlets and others. The Key-2 Luxury silver key ring also holds the promise of VIP privileges for life. So you can understand how prestigious one of these key rings might.

Even the venues have gone through a thorough selection process. For instance, playing venue to the national launch of The Global Party in New York is the exclusive CORE: club. In India, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is the chosen venue. The parties will be held in bustling cities around the world – Los Angeles, Cape Town, Beijing, Kingston, Beunos Aires and more.

All For A Good Cause

Extravagance is the name of the game. The Global Party is sure to be a lavish event. The venues will be elaborate. Champagne will flow. And the who’s-who of the world will be around to witness it. While the tickets to the launch party at The Natural History Museum in London cost between £500 and £1,000, the keys to the main event will be more expensive. Although a large proportion of the attendees will be special invitees, the organizers have spared a thought for the nouveau riche classes of the world. Hence, they have organized for special individual and corporate packages. Of course, only a select few will be able to attend the main event. The prohibitive prices ensure as much. Individual tickets are priced at £1,450. Only 30 such tickets are available at each city. The corporate packages include 26 tickets priced at £960 each.

This may seem like an embarrassment of riches, but The Global Party has its heart in the right place. For all the hype and glitter and glamour, this event is dedicated to 80-plus leading charities from around the world. Proceeds from the event will be donated to prominent charities like Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Pratham, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), Virgin Unite and 21st Century Leaders among others.

With just over a day to go, excitement is mounting around the world. Will The Global Party be the thumping success we all expect it to be? At this point, it certainly appears that way.

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