Vallure Presents its Super Smooth Vodka in Golden Bottles

When you aim to be the world’s most expensive you simply pull out all stops. We have talked about most expensive Vodkas earlier like the Belvedere Vodka or the Black elk vodka we had also reported about the most expensive vodka bottle. And now we bring to you the Vallure Vodka. Definitely one of the most expensive varieties around, this ultra luxurious vodka is claimed to be the highest quality vodka on the market because it goes through a multi-level distillation process and is then triple filtered to achieve its super smoothness.

It is not simply the quality of the alcoholic beverage that makes it the contender for the most expensive tag. It is the bottles that dazzle you as they have been embalmed in gold. It is this packaging that has ensured that Vallure has secured its place as a luxury brand. This is not simply an attempt to create a record as the most expensive brand but a well thought out concept and a strategy to position the brand really high. Packaged in gold embalmed bottles it is being positioned as ‘The Gold Standard of Vodka’ by the company.

The term gold standard was originally used to mark the value of the American dollar and by using the same term the company is projecting their vodka as the standard the others must measure up to. There is a meaning to the golden treatment given to the bottles. It is not just a blinged version of packaging and bottling like the Le Billionaire Vodka, which has over 3500 diamonds on the bottle. Vallure Vodka has set the standards very high.

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