Traditional Chinese Liquor Up for Sale for $46,500

If you thought drinking wine and expensive liquor weren’t enough, you should wait until you get to check out some cool stuff that’s been unveiled by Chinese liquor brand Wuliangye. The brand is known for some of the most outrageous and expensive liquors ever sold in Asia. At the moment, they have launched traditional Chinese liquor which would be sold at a chic market in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It would set you back by $46500.

So what makes this particular drink so special? Well, it was distilled in the year 1990 and was made in the most traditional of forms. It costs so high because of the gold cap that it sports, apart from the drink that the bottle contains. What would you do with the bottle with a gold cap? After you are done with drinking? Not much, I must assume.

However, the sellers would like you to believe that this would bring you to the arena of luxury, and buying this drink would help you to attain the materialistic nirvana that hasn’t been achieved by others and put you on a pedestal that would put you way above other mortals. You could also take a look at the most expensive wine which actually cost $150,000. The Most Expensive Rum was sold for an astounding amount of $26,000. If you were looking for the most expensive table wine, you can get it for yourself by the laird. So go ahead, and get drunk on something expensive. However, you might regret in the morning when you wake up.

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