Sealander: A Chic and Mobile Way to Camp Out in the Open

There is nothing cooler than hanging out with your family members out in the nature. There is a strange joy in being able to do that and being able to breathe fresh air when we live in over polluted cities. However, staying in the outdoors is not really luxurious and needs a lot of sacrifices made from our sides. That includes not having the right bathrooms, kitchens, sinks and other things. You could take a look at the Sealander, which looks good from the outside, and is amazing from the inside.

The Sealander is a white 2-wheeled carry-along accommodation which can be driven along or attached to a larger vehicle and then you could live in it. The caravan contains a bed and the windows have lovely curtains that would remind you of the journeys that took many travelers to Samarqand and other cities.

If you plan to take this out for a barbecue camping trip, things couldn’t get better than this. I would say, you should keep a watch on this, for it weighs just 380 kilos and can be easily carried along wherever you drive and could just be the next best thing when it comes to camping out in the open air. Oh yeah, make sure you take a few hot guys along. Not just one. You could also take a look at the Tabbert Paganini caravan, the luxurious mobile home caravan and the luxury caravan which can be carried in a car. I am sure these vehicles could change your life.

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