Native Union Brings The All New Designer Pop Phone. Talk With A Difference!

In this modern age of cell phones and tablets, there is hardly any room of the good old fashioned tether landline receivers that once made up for the bulk of communications. However, as we proceed into a timeline that is marked with smart mobile devices and hands free communications, there are those who still yearn for that age old experience, without compromising on today’s technological breakthroughs. Now, in one of the foremost names in innovative product designs, Native Union, has come out with a gorgeous new product called, the Pop Phone. This one of a kind device not only adds more luster to the art of conversation, but also provides a unique talk-tool when it comes to mobile phones.

This one of a kind communication accessory has been designed by renowned French designer David Turpin and offers the users a unique combination of classic landline handset integrated into a mobile phone. The Pop Phone comes features a 3.5 mm plug that can plugged into a mobile phone’s corresponding jack and this remarkable handset can then  be used to make and receive calls old school style. Along with the ease of talking, the Pop Phone also provides access to various functions of the phone while you are on a call. Furthermore, Native Union infused this remarkable product with noise reduction system and the Pop Phone has been designed to be compatible with even PCs and laptops. On computers, the Pop Phone can be used specifically for VoIP calls such as the likes of Skype, Google Talk etc. The Pop Phone from Native Union comes with a price tag of $600 and is currently available for purchase from Native Union.

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