Motorbike And Unicycle Combine To Form The Limited Edition Ryno Micro-Cycle

The unicycle has come a long way from its circus days. What was once upon a time the vehicle of choice for circus clowns is being redesigned for the urban populace. The difficulties of riding a unicycle are set to become outdated thanks to the team at Ryno Motors. The company, which is based in Portland, Oregon, came up with the idea of combining the look of the unicycle with the functionality of a motorbike. Think of this as a cooler version of the segway that features bulky motorcycle tyres. It is a cool, fun and convenient mode of transportation.

Named the Ryno Micro-Cycle, this one-of-a-kind bike is a new improved version of the segway. The large single wheel is a clear indication that sporty motorbikes hugely inspired the developers of this limited edition unicycle. You would be forgiven for asking, “Where is the rest of this motorcycle?”

The compact design of the Micro-Cycle ensures that riders can easily pick their way through crowded streets. This unique bike is designed to remain well-balanced and stable. So you need not worry about toppling over as you hit a speed bump or a pothole. This single wheeler will impress speedsters, for it offers speeds of up to 20 mph – considerably higher than your run-of-the-mill segway. The bike is energy efficient as well and covers distances of up to 30 miles on a single charge.

As of now, only the limited edition pre-production models are available. If you are willing to pay $25,000 on the limited edition unicycle from Ryno Motors, go ahead. Otherwise, cool your heels until the $4,200 versions release next year.

Via: Technabob

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