Kosha Chair by Claudio D’Amore is a Combination of Art and Design

It is being called a chair for the lack of a better word. You do sit in it but it hardly looks like a chair or even like any other piece of furniture. It looks more like a sculptural object and surely it has brought art and design together in a harmonious way. The Kosha chair is a unique concept and more than a chair it is a space where one can retire to be with oneself or in the company of a book.

Claudio D’amore has created the design with great passion. There is a strong sense of well being in the design. Kosha has been designed as a reading space that allows you to cut yourself off from your surrounding and not be distracted by it. The ergonomic design of the Kosha chair allows for a seated retreat among your favorite literature. You don’t just sit on it but step into it. It is more like a wooden vessel that promises you a lot of relaxation along with entertainment. It definitely promises you some quality time with yourself.

It is ideally suited for a position near a window that allows some natural view. It wouldn’t look out of place even in a contemporary study or even in a garden. This luxury piece of furniture is made with great care and precision. A total of 33 strips of wood is machined individually and the assembled with hand perfectly together to give it its unusual shape. There are ten niches provided for keeping books that you like reading while relaxing. It has been shaped to accommodate your body’s curves perfectly and provide a protective and meditative environment.


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