Tokujin Yoskioka Animated 3D Films Showcasing the Working of a Watch

It is enchanting to see the working of a watch on a film. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoskioka has used time and space very innovatively to explain the craft of watchmaking. His gorgeous creation is on display at the Bellerive Museum. Everyone wears a watch but take for granted its inner complicated but precise working. Most of us don’t even know how a watch works. This stunning exhibition showcases the inner workings of the tiny watches in short vivid films. Yoskioka has chosen French watch maker Cartier to collaborate on the project to create animations on the intricate workings of a watch.

He believes that Cartier not only has a long history but is brimming with avant-garde ideas for the future. It is not only the strength of Cartier but gives their contemporary fine watches a unique beauty. The Japanese designer is confident that the 3D films created by him will touch a chord in the heart of the visitors. The animated films are projected over the watches using 3-D movie technology. The animated film appears to float over the glass cases of the watches. These films enable the viewer to get a glimpse of the technology of a tiny watch and what makes it tick.

You get to see all the miniscule parts and pieces that are assembled to make a watch work with clockwork precision. It is mesmerizing to watch the way it has been filmed. A total of 158 Cartier timepieces are on display at the exhibition. The oldest piece is a chatelaine watch made in 1874 which has been made in yellow gold, pink foil, enamel and pearls. Cartier’s latest ID One concept watch is also part of the exhibition. The concept watch has been made from super-resilient niobium-titanium and carbon crystal. This watch has been magnified for the viewers using a giant dynamic lens. The exhibition will go on through November 6.


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