Sole Arena with its Curative Powers is the new Attraction at Bad Essen

Bad Essen, the small town in Northern Germany has been known historically for its salt works facilities. In the earlier part of the last century it was discovered that the salt in the air of the area had a curative effect on people with respiratory illness. A health resort has been created to take advantage of the natural condition of the area. And in the luxurious spa resort there is a small health resort park Solepark, located on the hillside of a vastly wooded mountain range. The park was developed in 2009/ 2010 around a unique Sole Arena as its centre piece.

The Sole Arena is a wooden structure that resembles a classic Swedish bath house. The Sole Arena, was conceived as an attraction for the area. The meter high evaporation walls of the Sole are made of brushwood. The wooden structure is open to the sky. There is a fountain that sprays the sole or the salt water on the evaporation walls. There is seating provided inside the structure where the guests can relax and enjoy the healing benefits of salt enriched air.

The design of Sole Arena is traditional and it is constructed according to the historical models of the past. Due to vaporization of the salt water the salinity concentration in the air increases by 25% and is comparable to the air on a sea. The basic design of the Sole appears to be inspired by a giant tree trunk. The arena is used primarily as a place for relaxation and meditation. It is the ideal place where one can distress in its tranquil environment. When illuminated at night the evaporating fog creates a mystical atmosphere around the entire health resort. You may enjoy it till you retire to your luxury spa suites.

Via: gizmag, worldarchitecturenews

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