LG Launches a Cleaner Version of Laundromat and calls it Laundry Lounge

LG has invested in trying to jazz up the Laundromat concept and transform it into a lounge. They are calling it the Laundry Lounge. But frankly speaking they have landed between the Laundromat and the lounge. A Korean company called Daehan has designed the interiors for the lounge and one must admit that they have done a professional job. It is eye catching and sleek and in a sense gives you a sense of a branded experience. LG, in their press release has claimed that they aim to change the experience of doing laundry in public.

Calling it a luxury Laundromat would be stretching the meaning of the term. The word luxury has connotations that do not fit in with a public laundry. The place is done up in white and pink color scheme and appears to be swankier in comparison to a standard Laundromat but that’s not reason enough to prefix it with luxury. They have put up four flat screen televisions on the wall for the people who wait while their laundry is being done. The 19 inch TVs appear to be a bit small for a public place.

Another amenity they have providers for the patrons of the public laundry is complimentary computers with internet connectivity. Here again they could have done a little better if they wanted to showcase as luxury. The old model black laptops from Dell didn’t go well with the overall color scheme of the place. And since they are calling it a lounge they should provide more seating even if it is in the form of folding chairs to optimize the space. But the place looked very clean and one can only hope that LG is able to maintain the look and the cleanliness.

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