EFX Slim Figure Speakers by Martin Logan Improve on their Earlier Models

Martin Logan has been doing a great job creating exceptional speakers in slim designs. Their CLX speakers and Summit X Hybrid speakers are great examples what innovative engineering can achieve. Both the speakers were appreciated for their unique slim fits. Now Martin Logan has gone a step further and finer with their new EFX slim figure speakers. They have built on their earlier success and raised the bar for both achieving a better audio experience and accommodating the speaker in a slimmer design. This is what places them ahead of their competitors including the Stiletto SpeakersJoon & Jung speakersChambord Speakers BS50ubercool speakers  and more.

There are several new elements of design and engineering in this model that makes it superior to their earlier models. The new model has X-stat Transducer, slim-on-wall profile, Vojtko Filtering and the 5-way binding post with low voltage power supplier. The new transducer adds to the vacuum bonding and MicroPerf panels highlight the low frequency sounds thus adding to the precision of the sound quality and bringing it as close to the real sound as possible. Its slim dimension makes it ideal for hanging on the walls. It helps you eliminate the clutter on the ground.

Another quality that makes it a complete speaker is its rotating feature. It adds to the surround sound experience. The speakers that are just 6.5 inch thick are not heavy either at a little over 11kgs, which means it is easy to move around. The filtering by Vojtko incorporated in the new model makes the sound almost distortion free. The wiring in the speakers has been done point to point by hand to optimize its performance. Polypropylene capacitors, massive air-core coils and the custom E-1 core transformer also go a long way in managing both the low and high frequencies. The speakers have been priced at $3,095.

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