Luxury Traveler in America is Looking for Agritourism

The term Farm Stay is prevalent all over Europe but relatively new in America. The concept of family farm has had a steady decline since the World War II. There is a desire to reconnect to the rural roots and there are luxury travelers looking for rural experiences, there are not as many farms offering overnight accommodations. The media has taken up the concept of Farm Stay and now the state tourism offices have stepped in and the scenario for Agritourism is set to improve. Brands like Ralph Lauren are stepping into it.

There are options available for the basic end of agritourism on sites like Farm Stay US but luxury travelers don’t know where to find the destination for a rural vacation. The best farm accommodations can be found at the Inn at Blackberry Farms. Situated in the foothills of idyllic Smoky Mountain the farm was established in 1939. It was much later that the Beall family invested in the farm and created what is today, America’s most celebrated intimate luxury hotels where one can escape the modern day frenzy. Spread on 4,200 acre estate it has deservedly become one of the top rated properties in the world.

The guests are encouraged to participate in harvesting the produce from the gardens and orchards. The accommodations available in the farm resort will enchant you. You have a choice of an Estate Room, the legendary elegance of a spacious Singing Brook, Farmstead Cottage, Holly Glade Suite or luxurious comforts of a Hill Cottage. Whichever one you choose, you are assured of carefree comfort. The larger cottages offer wood-burning fireplaces as well as a private gourmet kitchen to cook up home-grown produce. The barn eatery serves meals cooked by Tennessee native Chef Joseph Lenn.

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