Berkely Artist Refurbishes a Dumpster to create Luxury Living

If you were to ask somebody what their idea of luxury living would consist off, you’ll first hear of lot of designer apparel brands followed leather upholstery, Swarovski gadgets and lavish bathrooms. But for Gregory Kloehn, an artist based in Berkeley, this didn’t work well. given the present times where people only know how to use things and discard them rather than recycling, this dude came up with a concept built of his workshop. He actually converted a dumpster into sufficiently comfortable and luxurious setup. There is a stainless steel kitchen, hidden toilet, electrical system, outdoor BBQ and a television set on its way.

And this isn’t the pioneer re-modelling project the artist has taken up. He has earlier refurbished old shipping containers into homes, studios and offices. He calls this project as ‘the future of urban living.’ He has brought together simplicity and luxury together by refurbishing a dumpster. The oxymoron hits you before than anything in that particular statement of his. His project is called Elite Waste and will be up for display at San Fransisco’s Fringe Festival from September 7 to 18.

The 41 year old artist grew up in Denver and attended the Evergreen State College that fuelled his radicalized design ideas. He then moved to NY and then Amsterdam in search of life’s mysterious quest. He then purchases a condemned warehouse and a rundown Victorian in Oakland and strted his refurbishing work on them. As of now, he is making homes, offices and sound studios in shipping containers and dumpster using thrash found on the street.

check out the video here:

Via: Sffringe

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