Russian Tycoon Offers a Mere $15,000 for His Stolen Dog, But Puts Hotel Staff through Lie Detectors

The Genoese hotel room that Russian chemicals tycoon Stanislav Rybchinsky checked into last month turned out to be a nightmare for him and his family. They checked into the hotel with their Toy Terrier Johnny, and soon after they did, thieves promptly barged into the room and stole the poor pup. Dognappings have become increasingly common and that is mostly because tycoons and billionaires have begun to offer rewards that run into several thousands of dollars.

Most pay the ransom, while others are lucky to reward an honest man who finds the dognappers. This time around, Russian chemicals tycoon Stanislav Rybchinsky has announced a reward of $15,000 for the stolen dog and he has even asked the entire hotel staff to take the lie detector test. The family suspects that the dog was stolen by a hotel staff as they had access to the room and all the information. The reward of $15,000 is actually not too much for a billionaire who loves his dog a lot.

Moreover, subjecting hotel staff to lie detector tests is similar to the practices they followed during the Soviet regime. I am not sure if the staff is required to go through this process legally, but lie detectors are not known to be effective in any manner if the Russian billionaire family wants to depend on them. I am not sure if I feel sorrier for the dog, the family or the innocent hotel staff who would be subjected to lengthy and painful interrogation processes by the notorious Italian police.

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