Luxury Exhibition In Milan Highlights The Democratization Of Luxury

The luxury industry is gradually becoming democratized. What was once highly exclusive is slowly becoming accessible to a larger proportion of the world population. The rise of Asian economies has played a role in this process. As a result, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands are no longer available to only a chosen few. On Thursday, 8 September, the “C25 Options of Luxury” exhibition kicks off in Milan. This luxury exhibition features everything from a Ferrari car to a Barbie doll. Traditional and contemporary notions of what constitutes luxury get blurred at this upscale show. The event is being held at the Triennale Museum.

The “C25 Options of Luxury” exhibit will focus on the luxury industry over the last 25 years. The luxury exhibition will explore trends and growth, while taking into consideration factors like the growing Asian markets and the rise of online sales.

Italo Rota is the curator of this luxury exhibition. Rota’s architectural portfolio extends to luxury hotels and a Hindu temple. According to him, the concept of luxury goes back to ancient times, when people were buried along with several objects, in the hopes that these would prove helpful in the afterlife.

The Milan exhibition will be focusing on different eras of luxury. In one section, the Hermes bag will be placed alongside a cuckoo clock. In another section, a digital fashion show will share space with a giant backstage mirror. The luxury exhibition will feature a range of luxury objects including caviar boxes, cosmetics vials and a Barbie doll. If you happen to visit, do not miss the “Neverland” section with its solar-powered beach umbrellas and yachts.

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