Umbrellas Redefined: The Blunt Umbrella Is Ideal For The Rains

Umbrellas are an acquired taste. Nobody wants to carry an umbrella; weather conditions force them to do so. Raincoats are an option, but rarely as convenient as the age-old umbrella. Yet, there are only a few occasional umbrella lovers who just can’t seem to get enough – so much so that they will even buy a wine bottle umbrella. Everybody else, however. is busy thinking up ways to leave the umbrella behind.

An umbrella is always an extra weight during long commutes. It becomes all the more difficult when it acts up during the rains by either refusing to open or turning concave because of heavy winds. Malfunctioning umbrellas are the rule rather than the exception. It is odd that a device that has been around for so long should give so much trouble. Then again, the sharp edges often transform it into a weapon of mass destruction – poking eyes and ears on the way.

Considering all the disadvantages, US-based company Blunt has come up with the Blunt Umbrella. This is redefining personal weather protection like never before.

The Blunt Umbrella is like its name. Its designers have done away with the sharp edges forever. It is now safer, better looking and stronger. The weak frames of run-of-the-mill umbrellas have been replaced by stronger versions using polycarbonate ribbing. The canopies too are more hardy and durable.

33 inches long, with a diameter of 47 inches (when open), the Blunt Umbrella is elegant and functional. The quick dry polyester fabric ensures that your umbrella does not drip for hours on end. Priced at $70 apiece, the Blunt Umbrella is available in four colors – black, blue, silver and red.

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