John Varvatos Star USA Fragrance Smells of American Masculinity

A man that smells good is always attractive and will always be invited home by all people present in arties. If you go to a party smelling of a gaudy perfume, you would be thought of as a nouveau riche person who has just made lots of money and is trying to squeeze into the upper class bracket. This usually does not find favour with anyone who is elite. What you could instead do is, get yourself something that is as cool and elegant as the John Varvatos Star USA Fragrance. It costs between $55 and $72. All that you would need to do is get the traditional flask-like container and show it off to yourself or your friends before wearing it.

The knurled metal swing top looks somewhat similar to a Grolsch and the neat clean package gives off a sweet masculine scent that is ever so desirable. I would say, go ahead and get this perfume if you are looking for some hot dates tonight. If that is not what you want and you would like to wear this in the boardroom, no sweat.

You would still be able to look good and smell good and attract men and women. They would pay more attention to what you smell like and less on your presentation, which could become a little annoying after a little while. Nevertheless, do get this wonderful bottle of John Varvatos Star USA Fragrance which shows what it is like to smell like an American man. And that’s really hot!

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