IFA 2011: B&W Announces Luxe Earphones with Noise-cancelling Effects

B&W revealed ‘C5,’ which happens to be one of the coolest earphones ever launched. It was announced at the IFA 2011, which is currently the hottest thing in the world of technology. In fact, you could find all the big technological companies in the exhibition and B&W was no stranger either. C5 blocks noise by using a cool new technology called Micro-porous filters, which helps it to avoid external noise. Moreover, even the internal noise would be reduced in the same manner.

The Secure Roof Design allows your C5 to stay in the ears without falling out or causing any discomfort. The earphones shall be sold through Royco, which is the official Korean provider. I would so love to get these for myself that I can’t really ex0plain how badly I want them. If you love music and were looking for great music, this is really the way to go and buy the earphones. So go ahead, and get it for yourself without worrying too much.

All that you need to do is contact Royco and they might just send you a pair when they think it is the right time. You could also take a look at the Munitio Earphones which have an appeal of their own. The iPod Dock by B & W is also an amazing product. The Toshiba 3D TV looks so chic, that you would salivate to get one for yourself. The Philips 3D Platinum Series products are something that you should really look into, if we are talking about technology.

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