Flex-and-Fit Gym Offers Air Napping, a Complete Suspension Technique

Flex-and-Fit gym in Charlotte, NC is no small gym that is located in a nondescript small American town. Instead, it has created a revolution of sorts with the help of a new fad called Air Napping. If you thought going to gym was tiring yourself out after a long day of work, think about this: You get to sleep in the gym, and how!

All that you would need to do is go to this gym, and climb into one of the silken hammocks that are suspended in air. You would hang there in the air for almost 25 minutes and most customers have noted that they feel extremely relaxed and calm after the experience. However, the napping is not all about just sleeping in a hammock but involves a little bit of treatment in the form of meditation. The person in the hammock would be given mesmerizing advices and directions like ‘close your eyes’ ‘feel your breath’ and other typical terms that we usually see in Indian meditation classes.

The idea works well with harrowed professionals who work for more than 16 hours a day and do not get enough sleep. There is nothing worse than not sleeping, or not sleeping enough. The 25 minute nap in the hammock could work wonders to the stressed out lot. This could be one of the best ways to relax and compose yourself after a tiring and boring day at work. It is not clear how much the services might cost but I am sure it is going to be worth every penny you would spend on.

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