David Lynch Designs Hip Parisian Silencio Club Inspired by Mulholland Drive

Silencio Club could just be the hottest place to hangout, if you learned who is behind the club. David Lynch, the coolest Hollywood director who is known for his Noir movies and ultra glamorous Hollywood movies has created a new club which is located at 42, Rue Montmartre. Club Silencio was inspired by the movie Mulholland Drive, which David Lynch directed as well. If you remember the movie, it takes us through the journey of a woman who loses her memory on the Mulholland Drive, escapes being murdered and ends up at a starlet’s house in Hollywood hills, where the two women make out.

The movie was one of the most impressive movies that I have ever watched, and Silencio Club has been directly inspired by that very same movie. David Lynch has created a unique atmosphere in the club which involves lithographic studio, and using paints that Picasso and Miro used, David Lynch cre4ated the cool Silencio Club which is as Noir as it can get.

I would say, the club owners Arnaud Frisch, Manu Barron and Anthony Caton surely knew how to create a unique club experience. All that they had to do was invite David Lynch come home, and there he created what could be the hottest club in the town today.

If you want a cool party, make sure you are heading towards Paris for that is here the party and the club is! Club Silencio will open from the 6th of October 2011. So go ahead, and party like there is no tomorrow!

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