Cal Simmons Reveals Plans of Making Luxury Hotelist a Virtual Database for Luxe Inns

Luxury hotels are many, but their presence online is always marred by several new hotels that are less in standard but have good SEO rankings due to their social media savvi-ness. This is [perhaps why luxury hotels lack the kind of popularity they should otherwise be having. With that in mind, you could take a look at Luxury Hotelist’s new initiatives that is to showcase the best of luxury hotels all across the world. What they plan to do according to an interview given to Tnooz is that they would concentrate on quality and less on quantity.

This means, they would give space to luxury hotels that surpass others and only when they meet certain criteria would they get to be featured on Luxury Hotelist. With an extensive collection of four & five star hotels all around the world in almost 2000 cities, they will feature more than 36,000 hotels that could be assumed to be unmatchable.

Cal Simmons, Founder and CEO of reveals that the luxury hotel space has not got the deal it deserves and that consumers need to know what is best for them, and where they need to stay at if they want to spend a little extra money. They would preferentially show the ‘partnered hotels’ on top, and that would of course be done only if the hotels meet certain criteria. The good thing about it all is that finally luxury hotels would get a breather and they would get the online space they deserve. You could also take a look at the Virgin Galactic luxury hotel near spaceport America.

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