Ben Fredriksson Handles a Lot of Wood, Creates Chic Stuff to Sit On!

There is always something really romantic and hot about carpenters. The way they bend down and chop the wood, the way they handle their own woods and manipulate it to become firmer and nice long pieces of log, and the way they sculpt it and make us sit n the furniture is all too amazing. Ben Fredriksson is a Finnish carpenter who also handles a lot of wood, professionally speaking.

He has designed the Crossover Chair (What were you thinking? Dirty mind) which is made of an amazing quality wood. The chair is inspired by the classical 70s and could be used both on a patio or a deck and would be a great way to enjoy the sun. It comes in 5 solid colours and could also be used to store stuff when you are not doing anything with the woody stuff.

Ben Fredriksson knows how to style a wood and turn it into this piece of furniture on which we could sit all day long dreaming about those wonderful and rustic woodmen who chop and handle all kinds of lumber in their sweaty schedules. This is almost good enough to inspire you to write a young adult novel which would allow you to take a look at what I would call a glimpse into your own unconscious. All that you would need to do is let go, and get yourself this cool new chair which would allow you to relax in the most mind numbing manner ever possible. So go get it!

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