Slope Desk Makes Your Workspace Seem Less Cluttered

Office desks should satisfy the users with certain criteria like ergonomic needs, style, flexibility, comfort, edge.  The innovative designs and structures should facilitate painful desk job in work place. It should motivate people in workplaces to adhere to certain orderliness eliminating unwanted materials, establishing self-discipline. You might be fed up of edited copies around your desk on the floor and piled up reference materials on desk without having time to read periodic journals.

For your home office, slope desk is a solution which helps you to achieve the correct position, perfect dimensions for a laptop, and also concentration along with comforts. Slope desk is designed to achieve perfect position ergonomically for your home office which keeps you away from many disturbances of the home and enables you to complete your work before the allotted time with concentration. So your back and neck will be in relaxed posture while you work. Though it looks simple, it prevents the accumulation of the clutter. The angled top forces you to keep the surface tidy.

Most significant feature of the slope desk designed by Jenk Design Office is its storage area which acts an invisible thin line between home and work. The wedges help you to keep your cup of coffee or tea in level or stop rolling away of your pen. When the square wedge is not in use, it could be used to keep decorative art piece or flower vase.

It is built from birch-veneer MDF and plywood as well as the legs with solid maple. The  dimensions of desk  are  w.1000 x h.800 x d.500 (mm). Price of the slope is not known. You could read our previous articles about fitness workstations and envelop desk.



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