Singapore Airlines Creates New First Class Product

Singapore Airlines has reconfigured some of its aircrafts to create spacious First Class seats that provide the passengers the most comfortable flying experience like a private jet. The other airlines have created larger seats only on Airbus A380 aircrafts because of its greater dimensions and space. But Singapore Airlines has restricted the number of first class seats on its B777-300ER aircrafts to just eight and designed stately seats, which at 35 inch wide is almost 50 percent wider than any other conventional First Class Seats in the industry. It is meant for the few high end passengers who expect the finest air travel experience even from commercial airlines.

The new, exclusive first class product has been developed by Singapore Airlines in collaboration with James Park Associates who are a leading transport and interior designer. The new design and dimensions of the seat enable the passengers to be as comfortable as they are at home while working, dining or relaxing. At night the seat stretches into full flat bed which is the largest in the sky with the exception of some private jets. The flat bed seats allow the passengers to rest in their natural sleeping position. The furnishings for the seats have been designed by the luxury fashion house Givenchy.

Apart from the space and privacy the seats provide several state of the art features to passengers. There is a 23 inch LCD TV as well as an all-in-one business panel with laptop power supply and USB ports to give customers the option to continue working while flying. The overhead stowage bins have been done away with in the first class cabin to give the elite passengers a more spacious environment. The table that comes with each seat is large and adjustable to make it more convenient to use. The seats have been upholstered with light tan and acorn leather, and have been finished with mahogany wood trimmings to give it the luxurious look and feel.

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