Private 1923 Pullman Rail Car Takes You On A Luxurious Journey Back In Time

Since the days of President Abraham Lincoln, trains have played significant role in the development of the U.S and were also one of the most vital logistical tools during the Second World War. These magnificent locomotives though have now become a relic, yet their glory remains immortal. There has been an increasing trend where in private rail car owners are providing luxury travelers a unique means of exploration combined with bespoke luxury. A 1923 Pullman rail car owned and operated by Mr. Chuck Jensen from New York is now being offered for personalized tours and the rail car itself has been given world war era interiors as well as decor to ensure that the passengers are able to relate to the timeline. The interiors of this fabulous luxury rail car feature polished leather chairs, wooden furniture and darker off-white shaded ceilings. However, these timeless renovations are also accentuated with the inclusion of nearly all modern amenities that a luxury rail car should offer.

To transform the conventional 1923 Pullman rail car into a luxurious locomotive, Mr. Jensen had invest some $450,000, an investment that paid returns almost instantaneously and now the Jensen family is reaping its benefits to the fullest. This magnificent rail car even be hired for longer duration trips, where in the rail car can then be attached to long distance trains that travel under 110 mph, which is regulated speed limit for private train cars. The entire cost of the package is paid by customers, which is inclusive of the train crew fee made up of the Jensen family as well as $100/night for the overnight parking and the $1,600 fee for storage facilities. The primary train that tows the luxurious 1923 Pullman rail car charges about $2.10 per mile and the fee is collected by Amtrax.

Via Washington Post

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