New York Times Unveils the Kinect Assisted Mirror for Your Bathroom

New York Times has unveiled the Kinect Assisted Mirror which delivers news right in the bathroom on your mirror. It also delivers coupons, and fashion tips when you brush your teeth. Of course, I am coming to the part of why this is NOT elite enough but has to be brought to your attention. Lately, technology has crept into our lives so much that NY Times thinks we should be in touch with news even while shaving or just plucking your eyebrows. Do they even know that it is annoying to even have something distract you for a second and you could have a nick or a bad cut? Well, about the technology bit, it comes with RFID, the Microsoft’s Kinect sensor and whole lot of other scientific and technological advances.

The only thing that might leave you speechless is how intrusive this technology is, and how it may make you look like a geek instead of a stylish person. Moreover, the model that they have chosen is anything but elite, and I don’t understand who the NY guys are trying to impress. When in the bathroom, stick to your related stuff, and come out sparkling, and go ahead with ‘staying in touch with the world.

If you were wondering what else you could do with the cool ideas, take a look at the Virtual Mirror we had written about sometime back, The TV mirror wall unit is yet another cool idea which would leave you floored. The Bathroom TV and Mirror Unit is so pleasing to the eyes that you would immediately forget where you are. The Seura the One is a cool mirror that will tell you what you look like. The Magic mirror will not make you look prettier, but is nice to look at nonetheless.

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