Land Rover Defender to Announce New Concept at Frankfurt Auto Show

Of all the cars that I have come across, the land rover has to be one of the biggest and most respected cars in the world. I don’t really like that car myself, but of course we all have our preferences you know. There hasn’t been a new version for quite some time and people have been looking forward to it more than they have been looking forward to seeing the next American idol.

This time around, Land Rover Defender will announce the Defender DC100 Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It would be officially released in 2015 and would come with some amazing specs. There couldn’t be anything better than getting a car like this, especially when the world’s economy is down in the dumps. It could make for good investment, help you save on many things including the so-called luxury sedans which not only make you spend money on gas but do not carry a lot of people either.

If you have a big family and like to take them on boring picnics, this defender could just be what you require. Let us just wait and watch what the design is going to be like and what it is going to do to us. I am not sure how the people would receive it but I am sure it is going to be one hell of a deal to go ahead and get it. I am also not sure how much it would cost. Trust me, it is not going to be cheap.

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