German Engineering Shows Its Superiority with the Help of FashionMaster “Active Ironing System”

What could be better than checking out some amazing German technology that will also help you with your housework? Well, practically nothing. German engineering is known to be one of the most sophisticated in the world, and there is saying that nothing that is German-built can ever go wrong. I am not sure if we can say the same thing about the engineering and thermodynamic aspects of the German male anatomy.

IFA in Berlin which is the CES of Europe was the scene of several cool devices being displayed and one of them was the FashionMaster “active ironing system,”. The ironing ensemble is something that would make any geek gasp in air out of ecstasy/. The ironing system comes within a honeycombed plate that spreads the steam evenly across the soleplate. The iron box itself comes with a steamer of its own that promises to reduces all the wrinkles in one go. If the device ever gets across to the U.S. it will cost around $1,200 t $1,500.

These are things that you can really learn to appreciate when it comes to German engineering. I would say, go ahead and get a cool new ironbox made from this company or get someone in Germany to get it for you. You could also take a look at what we wrote about the IFA in Berlin which is a pretty cool method to check out all the cool technology that is part of the German engineering systems. I would say, European technology has its own charm.

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