Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones with Planar Magnetic Technology

Audez’e is pronounced odyssey and its latest release, the Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones is capable of taking you on a musical journey you have never experienced before. We dare say that the engineers at Audez’e have created perhaps the smoothest pair of headphones ever. They have used the planar magnetic technology to produce the smooth sound quality. The technology basically uses a thin-film diaphragm housed between two magnetic structures. Of course, the technology is also backed by the immense knowledge and experience of the sound engineers who have worked on this project.

The technical quality of the headphones is matched by the design and the appearance of the unit. The aesthetic appeal of the headphones is equally remarkable. Most luxurious materials have been used to create the headphones. Caribbean Rosewood and lambskin leather give it a classic look and feel. There are very few headphones that can match it in looks. It is right up there not only in performance but in looks as well. Not only the engineers but the designers must be congratulated for the Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones.

The headphones have been priced at $945 which is somewhat steep for a pair of headphones. But to be fair, one must also assess what one is getting at that price. The sound quality delivered by the headphones is almost bewilderingly smooth. There is no distortion or interference what so ever. Whatever the kind of music you are listening to, you get the mighty bass, the revealing mid range and accurate sound. It is an enjoyable experience even if it is a long session of music.

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