Billionaires Petra Eccleston Announces Fashion Line Stark Ahead of New York Fashion Week

Billionaires Petra Eccleston’s fashion line Stark could just be the next best thing in the world of fashion, if we were to consider the latest news in several parts of the world. She is set to launch her new fashion line at the Ney York Fashion Week which would start this week. You might remember that she recently splurged a lot of money and bought the $85 million Spelling mansion in London and she also is known to spend a lot of money.

About the label, she claims that the brand will speak for itself and that she doesn’t need to do any talking whatsoever. She also says that unit is not going to be an extension of her personality but it is going to be a brand, Stark. Thus, if you buy a bag, it would not be like you are buying a bag that belongs to her but it would be like you are buying a Stark handbag.

Bernie Ecclestone, the British Formula 1 racing mogul must be really happy to see his daughter getting on her own feet and she is all of just 22 years. Moreover, she is also the owner of a $175 million real estate portfolio which is going to show that she is one of the best in business and nothing could actually beat her. You could also take a look at Leon Verres Billionaire Vodka, and the Petra Ecclestone buying the most expensive house in the US. Also, do read about the New York Fashion Week.

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