Presenting The All New Ingenious Outboard Powered Drink Blender For The Perfect Concoction

Since the ear of the Vietnam War, outboard motors have been powering boats all across the globe, whether they be used for military purposes or simple recreational activities, these high performance motors not only add incredible power to the boats but also make them quite maneuverable. However, with the invention of turbine engines, these outboard motors seemed to have lost their importance, but an all new ingenious appliance has now taken these relics and brought them straight to our backyards. We are talking about the all new outboard motor powered drink blender that not only creates the perfect blend for your taste buds, but also draws its power from a high performance 1958 Johnson Sea Horse 18 outboard motor. Though this remarkable concept might seem simple, yet it took its creator some 6 months to build this machine and bring it to perfection.

The all new outboard motor powered drink blender has been made possible by replacing the  internal components of the Johnson Sea Horse 18 outboard motor with a small Homelite 2-cycle motor. This cycle motor in turn powers the blender that has been elegantly placed on the top of the Johnson motor. Designed and developed as a perfect companion for various get together events such as tailgate parties, road trips, picnics, boating, beach trips etc., the outboard motor powered drink blender can blend in the perfect drink in seconds, thus rapidly increasing the serving time. The designer of this magnificent machine retained the outboard motor’s various elements such as tiller handle that controls the throttle as well as the original kill button that essentially stops the motor. The outboard motor powered drink blender is also being hailed as the world’s most expensive blender, with a price tag of $2,800.

Via Technabob & Etsy

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