Limited Edition T-Shirt Creates New Record at $50,000

Limited edition creations are made with the rich in mind because they like exclusivity. They want to be reassured that what they have is not owned by every other guy. T-shirts are normally mass produced and distributed widely. In case a particular design catches the imagination of the consumers it is reproduced and redistributed repeatedly. But some of the T-shirt companies like Threadless are always trying to find ways to create designs that are as unique as possible. They have recently released a limited edition design and priced it at $50,000 each.

The pricing makes it the worlds most expensive T-shirt in the world. The earlier record was only $10,000 for a single T-shirt. This new most expensive T-shirt has been designed by designer Daniel J and only twenty pieces have been produced and each of them have been individually numbered. At the same time the buyer has the assurance that the design will never be repeated again. The designer believes that it is not really the design that attracts the consumer but it is an ego trip for him that only 19 others in the world have a similar T-shirt.

The high price of the T-shirt has a positive feature as well. Daniel J has announced that he will donate 10% of the purchase price of each shirt to a charity of customer’s choice. He has already sold three of the 20 T-shirts made. The T-shirt comes in a gift box. It is shipped to the consumer duly insured. It will require a signature for delivery. The numbered certificate of authenticity that accompanies every T-shirt is signed by the designer Daniel J.

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