Wolke 7 Cloud 9 Lounger Concept Calms and Soothes You

Wolke 7 Cloud 9 lounger concept by Sha seems to be an ode to cloud computing of sorts. You might all know that cloud computing has taken the world by surprise and every person wants to know more about it, and also about what the ‘cloud’ can do. The ‘cloud’ sets you free from data related worries and relax and calm your nerves same way, Wolke 7 Cloud 9″ lounger concept by Sha would allow you to calm your nerves and relax in the most luxurious manner possible.

This ultimate spa concept comes in the form of cradles and they are hung by ropes from the ceiling. They also move in a particular pendular mo0vementwhich makes it easier for you to gain calmness and soothing pleasant feeling. The idea is to bring together the feelings of light, colour, sound, vision and motion together and how they can help you in a therapeutic manner. Sha was trained in Vienna and would be a great way to comfort and relax yourself. This could be a great idea!

I would ask you to try this before dismissing this as another design. Oh hell, it is another concept but when the manufacturers do release it, you could go ahead and buy it for yourself. You could go ahead and get yourself the Spa Cocoon by Wasserbetten and also the Spa Bed which we had written about some time back. It is all about staying calm and staying cool and these spas help you to do just that, right at home.

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