Pink Panther Car and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car to Cost £350,000

If you always wished to get a good deal of things that you are doing, and that included getting your favourite car or vehicle that you saw on the TV or in a movie, this might interest you. BidSpotter is hosting an auction that would enable you to purchase celebrity cars that you might have seen in movies. Take for example the Pink Panther car or the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Panthermobile is expected to fetch £350,000 while the Chitty will ask for a similar price.

Manchester corporate-recovery company Robson Kay is selling both the cars and the auctions are expected to draw a number of movie fans. If you are one among them, you really should go ahead and get this before it is too late. However, the Chitty is a replica and not the original one. You might be interested to know that the original Chitty was sold for $850,000 and may now fetch almost $2 million.

Here, we are talking about real big money, and when it comes to celebrity cars I am sure people would really be ready to speed a lot of money. If there is any movie car that you have liked, you might want to attend this auction and start bidding. Don’t forget to bid high so that you get your car without any hassles! You could also take a look at other celebrity cars that we have written about and the celebrity yachts both of which are pretty cool and will entreat you. Read about Collectible cars too.

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