Peter Jorge Fischer Unveils Skypack Airplane Trolley Storage Cases

If you were wondering what was the latest way to store good in your house, one of the ways could be to go ahead and get yourself a SkyPak, which is an airline trolley converted into a storage space by a German company founded by Peter Jorge Fischer. The carts are unique and each one of them come in different colours and shapes, and there is even one that comes with 24 carat gold.

It is stylish, chic and a cool way to show people that you are always on the go and never be able to stay on ground. You can store all your expensive clothes, jewellery, CDs and even cutlery. Skypack trolleys cost from EUR 1,280. and above. I would suggest you go ahead and get this stuff before you lose the opportunity to do so.

These carts are amazingly chic and I would bet on my life that you cannot find something so nice ever in your life. They are colourful, artistic and stand for the metaphor of never being rooted to a place and always flying. If you are a person who would fly often and wanted to bring that feeling back home, you could check out these amazing storage spaces. I would have loved to get one for myself, but I am running short of time to order one! Go ahead, and get this for yourself before it is too late as it would be a stupid thing to do if you don’t get it. They could be wonderful conversation starters.

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