Magnavox Phonograph Horn Gets the iPad Hack

Times are changing and there cannot be a day when we can stay without using our iPhones and iPads. In fact, they have become so inherent and part of lives that without a iPod or an iPhone, we might lose touch with reality. Here is something really cool that you music lovers might enjoy. For the first time ever, you can find an antique Magnavox phonograph horn that has been merged with 2 pieces of American walnut.

The surprise is that it is stuck to your iPad to create a giant microphone that would not be a loud speaker, but a giant megaphone that fills your space with sound without using any electricity. I am sure this could be a very interesting and amazing way to use the iPod. I would say, you should go ahead and try to get this cool Magnavox Phonograph Horn attached to the iPad in order to experience sound like never before.

It costs a whopping $985. I would say, go ahead and get this for yourself before others come and get it for themselves. It is a rather strange situation when it comes to rare products like these, as they are produced in limited numbers and they would soon be sold out. There cannot be a better tablet than iPad and if you truly want to listen to music and watch movies and experience media without wasting electricity, you would need to get something like this that makes an attempt not to waste energy.

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