LiquidRoam RoamBoard: A New-Fangled Set Of Wheels For Skateboard Fans

Imagine if you could combine the skateboard with the bicycle, the snowboard and automobiles. The RoamBoard is no Louis Vuitton skateboard, but it is a cool invention. This land-surfing motorized skateboard has been in the making for two years now. The incredible street board device utilizes interesting steering mechanisms. The user of the RoamBoard is able to carve at high speeds, manage tight curved turns and remain stable even at low speeds.

The board plane remains at the level of the axles thanks to steering axles at the front and rear ends of the RoamBoard. All the electronic components of this multi-avatar RoamBoard are located under the board within a tank-like segment. So as the rider pushes on to the board, the effort is straightaway directed to the wheels. As a result, the RoamBoard remains stable and does not tip over. The RoamBoard from LiquidRoam manages a range of 12 miles. Users can hit a top speed of 15 mph.

The RoamBoard features a 36v/10 Amp-hr Li-Polymer battery pack. But there is also an in-built battery charger that allows users to charge cells over a four-hour period. The RoamBoard also features a DriveWheel Clutch technology. This is fantastic for freewheeling. Going downhill at high speeds becomes easier because of the DriveWheel Clutch. A hydraulic disc brake makes it easier to stop the RoamBoard even at high speeds.

The 200mm x 50mm pneumatic tires make for better absorption of bumps on the road. Unfortunately, the RoamBoards cannot be used on the street as yet. This cool set of wheels costs $2,475 for the standard model. But there is also a higher end version priced at $2,875  with bamboo ply boards and a range of custom colors.

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