Goldeneye Resort Brings James Bond Back to Luxury

If you were fond of James Bond and always wanted to be like him and live like him, here is how you could do that. All that you need to do is go ahead and visit the Goldeneye resort which is inspired by the eponymous James Bond movie. You may not know, but Ian Fleming had bought a piece of donkey racetrack in 1946 in order to inspire himself about how Bond might want to live. That was in 1946.

He died in 1964 and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell bought it to entertain himself. Now it has been converted in to a resort that is open to the public. There is also the Fleming Villa which would cost $2,800 and upwards per night. It comes with original three-bedroom home, two poolside cottages, a private pool, media room, bar, sunken garden, and access to the private beach enjoyed by Fleming. There are also less pricey villas and cottages in the resort that might interest you.

I would say, go ahead and enjoy living there for once and I am sure you would want to continue living there no matter what, and even if it is an expensive resort where you could live only for a couple of days, you might want to spend a lifetime. You could also read about Ian Fleming, a luxury villa that we wrote about and of course be sure to visit the resort without fail. Go ahead, and see what it feels like to live like James Bond. I am sure you would love to do so.

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