Bentley Solid Gold Sunglasses Start at $11,500

Sometimes there are things that you really need, and sometimes there are things that you just don’t need. When you purchase things that you don’t need in spite of it being real expensive, you are either out of your mind or just too decadent and loaded in cash. You just might be looking for an opportunity to spend all your cash. Whatever the case is, you could go ahead and take a look at the, Bentley solid gold sunglasses which has been pretend with Estede.

The glasses cost $11,000 ad is made of 18-karat white or rose gold frames. If you wanna get rid of more money, you could spend $45,000 and get platinum ones. These glasses are made in Germany and come with Zeiss polarized lenses. They feature the Bentley-designed details and they all come with individual numbers. Only 100 of these sunglasses would ever be made and they are already being sold in Russia, China and Hong Kong. They come in different shades and don’t look extremely gaudy.

Thankfully, they don’t have the yellow gold frame which would have made the glasses look really bad. If you were looking for great sunglasses that Cost lot, why don’t you go ahead and buy Yves Saint Laurent or Louis Vuitton? You could also take a look at what we wrote about the previous Bentley sunglasses and you can drool over the expensive sunglasses that come with emeralds and diamonds. Sometimes, it is better to be penny wise and pound foolish, I guess. Do you want it?

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