Sports Fans Don’t Have to Miss a Game Thanks to Sky Go App

There are things that make living in England special. One of the reasons is the way people take Football seriously. In fact, most guys in England are so crazy about Football, they could forget many important things while checking out the scores. That being said, guys’ girlfriends may not be happy when they have to see their guys checking out the scores all the time and doing no work. If you are a guy who does just that, here is something that could save your relationship.

Sky Go app has unveiled their new trolley which comes with an iPad and an application that is loaded with more than 30 channels. These channels include 5 Sky Sports channels, ESPN and Sky News. It is a great way to make your guy get off the couch and go to the supermarket along with you and move the trolley while you shop at your leisure. If you are a woman who loves to watch and check out sports, get your guy to do the shopping while you do the score-checking bit.

Looks like a fun idea, but I am not sure which supermarket would invest so much of money just to buy trolleys that would have iPads built in them. You could also read about the iPads which have made deals sweet all across the luxury world, including hotels and increased luxury shopping experience. Perhaps you might want to read about glittering trolley that we had written about as well. So go ahead, and try it for yourself, and I am sure you will love it.

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