Robb Report To Offer Private Aviation-Focussed Supplement In September

The needs of the affluent classes are different. That is why luxury magazines like Robb Report are witnessing strong demand. It helps of course that the folks at Robb Report are constantly watching for new and specific areas of interest for their high-end clientele. Most recently, the Robb Report team has zeroed in on private aviation. This September, the firm is offering the affluent traveler a special Private Aviation Sourcebook that is designed to answer all big questions related to the private aviation sector.

The Private Aviation Sourcebook from Robb Report is a 62-page supplement that will be sold along with the September 2011 issue of the magazine. The print edition will be available in a package with the print issue of Robb Report. However, it will also be available on the iPad mobile version. The cover of the supplement presents the intention. The Private Aviation Sourcebook is “A Guide to Buying Aircraft, Fractionals, and Flight Services”. If you wanted to learn all the basics of luxury travel on private jets, this is your chance.

Among other things, the cover story on the September issue of Robb Report is about the McLaren MP4-12C and the top 10 most elegant cars ever. But for many, the Private Aviation Sourcebook could well prove the tipping point. As it is, the average Robb Report reader reports annual household earnings of $554,192 with a net worth of $2,015,455. John C. Anderson, the Senior VP of the digital arm of CurtCo Media (the company that owns Robb Report), said that most Robb Report users fly privately. Those that do not are keen to learn more about private aviation. Anderson added Robb Report’s aviation advisory board includes some of the biggest names from the private aviation industry.

The 2011 private aviation supplement will provide readers with a wide range of advice and information on buying, renting and investing in private aircraft. The supplement will also cover the service aspect in private aviation, as well as include features on interior designs, on-board amenities and on-ground services. The entire point of the issue is to help potential investors tackle the difficulties of engaging in the private aviation industry. The Private Aviation Sourcebook will help readers determine whether or not to invest in a private aircraft or buy a fractional share. It will also educate them on areas as varied as aircraft management, charter broking, jetcards and more.

Nevertheless, educating the client on the basics is not the only aim of the Private Aviation Sourcebook. Through this supplement, Robb Report will help potential customers find out about private jet companies and the prices that they offer. The supplement features a number of advertisements for products and services offered by companies like NetJets, Pilatus, XOJet and Avantair. Magazines are often regarded as something of an indulgence. People who flip through the pages of Robb Report are likely to be able to feed their indulgences more than others. And what better way than by investing in the private aviation industry. A private aircraft is the perfect indulgence for the ultra-rich Robb Report reader. The Private Aviation Sourcebook is created to cater to his/her whims.

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